The Three Foundation Hebraic Feasts

We all are experiencing some trials and tribulations this past week, but it’s great to find encouragement and support.

There are three important feasts that we begin in, that strengthen and prepare us for our ultimate confrontation with Pharaoh and his army.

Rosh Hashanah is a time of reflecting over…How did we come to this place…how can we change ourselves…and a time of crying out to the God of our Fathers for help in the transformation. We desire to walk in His Kingdom. This is a beginning point for coming to the Kingdom.

We know how much we long for that close relationship with our Creator. We are going to choose the Creator over every other thing that we desire in our hearts.

We experience Yom Kippur as we come to understand the rules of the Torah, though we may not be walking in this with our hearts yet. This is the foundation of Torah, but it is our beginning and not the end of our day, our week, our month, our year…or our STORY! smile emoticon This appointed time is about our foundation!

And then we come to Sukkot….a time of walking in faith. Faith that our Creator provides us with all that we need for the journey, every moment of every day. The manna, the water, the shelter, all provision! When we watch God take care of our needs moment by moment, we grow in our strength and our confidence..for facing our enemy!

Remember, God is kind and God sees. Remember in the Torah that Israel comes out of Egypt as a fledgling people who have not learned all the lessons of what it means to be a free people who choose the Torah. God takes them on a longer route through the wilderness, because they are not yet ready for war! (See Exodus 13:17)

When the time comes for us to face our adversary, we want to be strong and steady in the Kingdom, the Foundation, and the Glory…which are the first three Feasts…and the first group of Sefirot in the Tree of Life.

I hope you will join us next time…even if you just need a group hug!

Have a lovely Shabbat…and may we come face to face with our Creator.

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