Daily Hebraic Time Cycle

Each day should begin with at least a thought for the progress of the day.

The plan is the mitzvot that triggers the rest of the automated behavioral process through out the rest of the day.

  1. Malchut- Plan- What is the G-Dly purpose of the day and what mitzvots will be performed.
  2. Yesod- Formation- The Torah of the day.
  3. Hod- Humility- The silence of walking in the way
  4. Natzach- Confronting your Hasatan
  5. Tifferet-Crossing the Sea of Reeds- Beauty
  6. Gevurah- Judgment- Walking the Line
  7. Chesed- the balance between all of the other Seferot
  8. Da’at- (Keter) the power of creation

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