Malchut as Daily Rosh Hoshana

Stepping into a Spiritual Kingdom

In the world of action, we see Malchut as the initial awakening to the Kingdom of G-d. This is the place that we initially see Hashem as Lord (Elohim). This is the place that we see the world of action as a spiritual landscape.

Malchut is the place that you step into the world of faith. In that world, you see the material world, but can “hear” the spiritual message of the material world. The is the world of the Sh’ma. Hear and Do.

There is no requirement for the spiritual person to “speak” at this level. This is a place where the speech is not spiritual. Lashon Hara can be very ugly. Initially, we create a world that is “ugly” and “not good.” We talk ourselves into it.

Awakening to Malchut begins the process of Hearing that the world is “good.” We hear through faith that G-d is good. We “listen” in the initial place of exploring the material world as spiritual world. Our reason, our “sight” links us to the material world of action. We have to hear Torah, to G-D’s reverberating organic way of Good to begin to change.

When you arrive in Malchut, prayer and meditation begin to open the world of the spiritual. We hear the positive prayers of our mouths and we establish a relationship to the upper dimensions and the spiritual world of Assilut.

Rosh Hashana corresponds to Malchut. This is place of beginning. A Rosh or head place to start the assent from Branch to Root in the Tree of Life. This is a place to begin the Kavanah of the day. The intent to fall asleep in the arms of Binah.

We should begin everyday with a step into Malchut. This opens the first dimension of our faith. We begin to hear and do.

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