Yesod- Formation- The Torah of the day.

After a person steps into the spiritual kingdom of the day. The human being wakes up in the Worlds of Action. This is a bit confusing for the Soul that is awakening from the Spiritual World.

The first step is to praise G-d, pray, meditate, eat, bath, and get the body going. (Rosh Hashanah-Plan) The human being is ready to move forward with the intention to have a spiritual day with G-d.

The next step before the work of the world begins is to understand what your personal “Torah” will be for the day. This occurs on three dimensional levels.

World of Action- This is the physical mitzvot of reading scripture, listening to Kabbalah, working through the daily Zohar reading, or sharing spiritual concepts with a group. The goal is to physically orient yourself to spiritual action in a physical world.

World of Emanation (Radiance)- This is the place where we emotionally respond to the Text or the Torah. This is the binding of self, yoking self, to the Hashem. This is also a place to emotionally bond to the Rebbe, teacher or Tzaddik.

World of Creation- The mitzvot of study combined with the yoking of self emotionally to Hashem creates a heart condition which is in right relationship with the G-dly world. The creates a “structure” or “creation” in the upper worlds that has a shell of permanence. Essentially, a pattern will be created in your life which will have a lasting permanent positive change.


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