Hebraic Time

In the material world, seven aspects of G-d are presented to us every day. In Judaism or Kabbalah, these faces of G-d are seen as advance forward each day, week, month, year and Jubilee.  These significant moments are a record of our meeting place. Like Jacob’s stone, the feasts are the head stone that allow us to mark the passage of time. The feasts act as an engine to transform the inner spiritual man.

There is an organic circular harmony to the rhythms of life.  The flow of light coming down to our day to day world is like the angels ascending an descending Jacob’s ladder. Science would see the energetic light waves.

Every living thing faces these wavelike cycles.  The material, worldly feasts, are Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Shavuot.  There is also a special day of rest and shalom, Shabbat. In a day, the spiritual human being experiences time as a dimension or creation at specific intervals during the day. If we measure time in a week, you will see the same pattern throughout the week. If you look at a year, you will see the same pattern. The feast flow in this Order from Night to Day, from Fall to Spring.

There is a spiritual and physical root to all things. There is a beginning to all things. You begin your day.  A seed starts as a shell and begins to grow. A baby is conceived. There is a Rosh Hashana of a beginning.

Everything starts with Rosh Hashana (the beginning). Growth begins from a plan. A Mitzvot that grows. Small beginnings. The seed is given conditions to grow. The spiritual human being wants to master his ascent through study and planning.

The Rosh Hashana part of our day, week, year or life is the step towards the spiritual. The step across the line from material world to a spiritual kingdom. This is the recognition that G-d is good.  The decision to have a relationship with a spiritual system of time.  The decision to be Echad.  The decision for oneness.

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