Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting

The death of eleven Jewish members of the Tree of Life Temple is a tragedy that gives many of us in the Faith pause. I think of my children and how they have had to experience antisemitism the last few years. In high school, my son was called a “dirty jew.” My daughter was told holocaust jokes.

The killing of jews happens both physically and spiritually. I am not saying that the death of the 11 members at the Tree of Life was equal to verbal abuse, but it is a type of death and a type of killing. Trying to take away the joy of a persons spiritual experience by attacking their faith is a spiritual attack on who they are as a human being.

The tree of life is at the center of our religion and our spiritual walk. It signifies the blessing of relationship with Hashem our creator. Bullets could not take that relationship away from the 11 members who have passed to the next world.

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