The Jewish Holidays and Time

Consciousness developments in a cyclical and orderly process that follows human ascension, the ascension to a spiritual relationship to G-d. Kabbalah details “the stones” along this path of upward human transformation. My teaching revolves around the spiritual transformation related to the spiritual action, spiritual emotional development, and the creation of spiritual pattern creation and spiritual creation.  This spiritual path will ultimately result in a personal path that is connected to the Echad and Shalom.

Human development can be broken down into seven distinct human qualities and three distinct G-dlike qualities. The seven human qualities can also been seen as seven areas of future human development, a time pattern.

The seven qualities of the entity called “Time” are A Plan (Rosh Hashana), Foundation (Yom Kippur), Humility (Sukkot), Victory (Pesach), Beauty (First Fruits), Judgement (Shavuot), Mercy (Shabbat).

These seven qualities of time manifest in three different ways and approach us in three different dimensions all at once. The three dimensions are Action, Emanation, and Creation. At each of these dimensions, we have have a relationship with Time which allows a different relationship with both the spiritual and material worlds.